Administrative Domains – FortiAnalyzer 5.2

Administrative domains

Administrative domains (ADOMs) enable the admin administrator to constrain other

FortiAnalyzer unit administrators’ access privileges to a subset of devices in the device list. For Fortinet devices with virtual domains (VDOMs), ADOMs can further restrict access to only data from a specific device’s VDOM.

Enabling ADOMs alters the structure of and the available functions in the Web-based Manager and CLI, according to whether or not you are logging in as the admin administrator, and, if you are not logging in as the admin administrator, the administrator account’s assigned access profile. See “System Information widget” on page 46 for information on enabling and disabling


For information on working with ADOMs, see “Administrative Domains” on page 27 of the Fortinet Documentation. For information on configuring administrators and administrator settings, see“Admin” on page 73 of the Fortinet Documentation.

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