Best Practices: Log management

Best Practices: Log management When the FortiGate unit records FortiGate activity, valuable information is collected that provides insight into how to better protect network traffic against attacks, including misuse and abuse. There is a lot to consider before enabling logging on a FortiGate unit, such as what FortiGate activities to enable and which log device is […]

Reports – FortiManager 5.2

Reports FortiManager units can analyze information collected from the log files of managed log devices. It then presents the information in tabular and graphical reports that provide a quick and detailed analysis of activity on your networks. To reduce the number of reports needed, reports are independent from devices, and contain layout information in the […]

High Availability – FortiManager 5.2

High Availability This section provides a general description of FortiManager High Availability (HA). This section also describes all HA configuration options and includes some basic HA configuration and maintenance procedures. This section describes: l HA overview l Configuring HA options l Monitoring HA status l Upgrading the FortiManager firmware for an operating cluster HA overview […]

FortiGuard Management – FortiManager 5.2

FortiGuard Management The FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) provides FortiGuard services for your FortiManager system and its managed devices and FortiClient agents. The FDN is a world-wide network of FortiGuard Distribution Servers (FDS) which update the FortiGuard services on your FortiManager system on a regular basis so that your FortiManager system is protected against the latest […]