SSL VPN Significant SSL VPN web portal improvements (287328, 292726, 299319) Significant updates and improvements have been made to the SSL VPN web portal in preparation for future browser updates, and in order to support all browsers: SSL VPN web portal redesigned. SSL VPN tunnel mode widget no longer works in the web portal.The tunnel […]

Security Profiles

Security Profiles FortiClient Endpoint Profile improvements and new features (285443 275781 287137) 275781: New options available in FortiClient Profiles. 285446: VPN can be configured on the GUI either on IPsec VPN or SSL–VPN and changes can be preserved. 287137: In the Mobile tab, .mobileconfig files can be configured and Client VPN Provisioning can be enabled. […]


Networking Internet-Service database (288672 281333 291858) Go to Policy & Objects > Internet Service Database to view the Internet Service Database. The database contains detailed information about services available on the Internet such as DNS servers provided by Adobe, Google, Fortinet, Apple and so on and a wide range of other services. For each service […]

Managing a FortiSwitch with FortiGate

Managing a FortiSwitch with FortiGate Unless otherwise stated, these features require FortiSwitchOS 3.3.0 or later release on the FortiSwitch. The following FortiGate models can be used to manage FortiSwitches: FGT-60D, FGT-60D-POE, FWF-60D, FWF-60D-POE, FGT-90D, FGT-90D-POE, FWF-90D, FWF-90D-POE, FGT-100D, FGT-140D, FGT-140D_POE, FGT-140D_POE_T1, FGT-200D, FGT-240D, FGT-280D, FGT-280D_POE, FGT-600C, FGT-800C, FGT-1000C, FGT-1200D, FGT-1500D, FGT-3700D   New FortiLink topology […]

Logging and Reporting

Logging and Reporting   New Features A new error log message is recorded when the Antispam engine request does not get a response from FortiGuard (265255) Error code is ‘sp_ftgd_error‘.   New Report database construction (280398 267019) This will improve performance with reports and FortiView without requiring any configuration changes.   Communication between FortiGate and […]

Load Balancing

Load balancing ChaCha20 and Poly1305 cipher suites added for SSL load balancing (264785) FortiOS 5.4 adds support for ChaCha20 and Poly1305 for SSL load balancing (see RFC 7539 for information about ChaCha20 and Poly1305). You can use the following command to view the complete list of supported cipher suites:   config firewall vip edit <vip-name> […]