New Theme

My other theme was getting compromised quite frequently so I have temporarily moved to this one. This one, however, does not support the version of PHP I need to go to so I’m still hunting for the final one.

This one will have to work for a bit until I figure out which direction I want to go and how I want to maneuver it!

Hardening Administrative Access in FortiOS 7.4.2

You absolutely MUST harden administrative access on your FortiGate if you want to remain secure and prepared. There are a lot of ways to help reduce the attack surface and make things as secure as possible.

  1. Remove Administrative Access from any interface that absolutely is NOT necessary.
  2. Remove the default admin account and create non-standard ones
  3. Add Trusted Hosts to your administrative accounts
  4. Add multi-factor authentication to your admin accounts
  5. Utilize Local-In-Policy configurations to shrink your attack surface


Packet Llama Channel Live

So, you guys have been following me for a while and watching my YouTube videos. I am forever thankful and would like to let you know that I am currently on schedule to have a new Fortinet GURU video go live every Monday. I have also, while dealing with my grief started something called Packet Llama. Think “Fortinet GURU” but with a more broad brush stroke. I have found that keeping myself busy is the best way for me to deal with the loss of my friend. I look forward to talking to you all about Fortinet and the many other networking related items we come across. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to Packet Llama @