Advanced Settings – FortiAnalyzer – FortiOS 6.2.3

Advanced Settings

Go to System Settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings to view and configure advanced settings and download WSDL files.

Configure the following settings and then select Apply:

ADOM Mode Select the ADOM mode, either Normal or Advanced.

Advanced mode will allow you to assign a VDOM from a single device to a different ADOM, but will result in more complicated management scenarios. It is recommended only for advanced users.

Download WSDL file Select the required WSDL functions then click the Download button to download the WSDL file to your management computer.

When selecting Legacy Operations, no other options can be selected.

Web services is a standards-based, platform independent, access method for other hardware and software APIs. The file itself defines the format of commands the FortiAnalyzer will accept as well as the responses to expect. Using the WSDL file, third-party or custom applications can communicate with the FortiAnalyzer unit and operate it or retrieve information, just as an administrator can from the GUI or CLI.

Task List Size Set a limit on the size of the task list. Default: 2000.


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