System Settings – FortiAnalyzer – FortiOS 6.2.3 – Configuring The System Time

Configuring the system time

You can either manually set the FortiAnalyzer system time or configure the FortiAnalyzer unit to automatically keep its system time correct by synchronizing with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server.

To configure the date and time:

  1. Go to System Settings > Dashboard.
  2. In the System Information widget, click the edit system time button next to the System Time
  3. Configure the following settings to either manually configure the system time, or to automatically synchronize the FortiAnalyzer unit’s clock with an NTP server:
  System Time   The date and time according to the FortiAnalyzer unit’s clock at the time that this pane was loaded or when you last clicked the Refresh button.
  Time Zone   Select the time zone in which the FortiAnalyzer unit is located and whether or not the system automatically adjusts for daylight savings time.
  Update Time By   Select Set time to manually set the time, or Synchronize with NTP Server to automatically synchronize the time.
  Set Time   Manually set the data and time.
Select Date Set the date from the calendar or by manually entering it in the format: YYYY/MM/DD.  
Select Time Select the time.  
Synchronize with NTP Server Automatically synchronize the date and time.  
Sync Interval Enter how often, in minutes, the device should synchronize its time with the NTP server. For example, entering 1440 causes the Fortinet unit to synchronize its time once a day.  
Server Enter the IP address or domain name of an NTP server. Click the plus icon to add more servers. To find an NTP server that you can use, go to  
  1. Click the checkmark to apply your changes.

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