FortiAnalyzer – FortiOS 6.2.3 – Output profiles

Output profiles

Output profiles allow you to define email addresses to which generated reports are sent and provide an option to upload the reports to FTP, SFTP, or SCP servers. Once created, an output profile can be specified for a report.

Creating output profiles

To create output profiles:

  1. If using ADOMs, ensure that you are in the correct ADOM.
  2. Go to Reports > Advanced > Output Profile.
  3. Click Create New. The Create Output Profile pane is displayed.
  4. Provide the following information, and click OK:
Name Enter a name for the new output profile.
Comments Enter a comment about the output profile (optional).
Output Format Select the format or formats for the generated report. You can choose PDF, HTML, XML, or CSV format.
Email Generated Reports Enable emailing of generated reports.
Subject Enter a subject for the report email.
Body Enter body text for the report email.
Recipients Select the email server from the dropdown list and enter to and from email addresses. Click Add to add another entry so that you can specify multiple recipients.
Upload Report to Server Enable uploading of generated reports to a server.
Server Type Select FTP, SFTP, or SCP from the dropdown list.
Server Enter the server IP address.
User Enter the username.
Password Enter the password.
Directory Specify the directory where the report will be saved.
Delete file(s) after uploading Select to delete the generated report after it has been uploaded to the selected server.

Managing output profiles

You can manage output profiles by going to Reports > Advanced > Output Profile. Some options are available as buttons on the toolbar. Some options are available in the right-click menu. Right-click an output profile to display the menu.

Option Description
Create New Creates a new output profile.
Edit Edits the selected output profile.
Delete Deletes the selected output profile.

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