What is Sandbox inspection?

What is Sandbox inspection?

Sandbox inspection is a network process that allows files to be sent to a separate device, such as FortiSandbox, to be inspected without risking network security. This allows the detection of threats capable of bypassing other security measures, including zero-day threats.

You can configure your FortiGate device to send suspicious files to FortiSandbox for inspection and analysis. The FortiGate queries scan results and retrieves scan details. The FortiGate can also download malware packages as a complementary AV signature database to block future intrusions by the same malware and download URL packages as complementary web-filtering black lists.

The FortiSandbox uses virtual machines (VMs) running different operating systems to test a file and to determine if it is malicious. If the file exhibits risky behavior, or is found to contain a virus, a new signature can be added to the FortiGuard AntiVirus signature database.

When a FortiGate learns from FortiSandbox that an endpoint is infected, the administrator can quarantine the host, if it is registered to a FortiClient.

FortiSandbox has a VM pool and processes multiple files simultaneously. The amount of time to process a file depends on hardware and the number of sandbox VMs used to scan the file. For example, it can take 60 seconds to five minutes to process a file. FortiSandbox has a robust prefiltering process that, if enabled, reduces the need to inspect every file and reduces processing time. For more information on enabling prefiltering, refer to the FortiSandbox documentation.

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