Flow and Device Detection

Flow and Device Detection

Data statistic

This example shows a FortiLink scenario where the FortiGate acts as the switch controller that collects the data statistics of managed FortiSwitch ports. This is counted by each FortiSwitch and concentrated in the controller.

Sample topology

To show data statistics using the GUI:

  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller> FortiSwitch Ports.
  2. Select Configure Table.
  3. Select Bytes, Errors and Packets to make them visible.

The related data statistic of each managed FortiSwitch port is shown.

To show data statistics using the CLI:

diag switch-controller switch-info port-stats S248EPTF180XXXX


Port(port50) is Admin up, line protocol is down

Interface Type is Gigabit Media Independent Interface(GMII)

Address is 70:4C:A5:E0:F3:8D, loopback is not set

MTU 9216 bytes, Encapsulation IEEE 802.3/Ethernet-II

full-duplex, 1000 Mb/s, link type is manual

input : 0 bytes, 0 packets, 0 errors, 0 drops, 0 oversizes  0 unicasts, 0 multicasts, 0 broadcasts, 0 unknowns

output : 0 bytes, 0 packets, 0 errors, 0 drops, 0 oversizes

0 unicasts, 0 multicasts, 0 broadcasts   0 fragments, 0 undersizes, 0 collisions, 0 jabbers


Security Fabric showing

This example shows one of the key components in the concept of Security Fabric: FortiSwitches in FortiLink. In the FortiGate GUI, you can see the whole picture of the Security Fabric working for your network security.

Sample topology

To show Security Fabric information:

  1. Go to Security Fabric > Physical Topology.
  2. To see the connection between FortiGates and managed FortiSwitches, hover the pointer over the icons to see information about each network element.


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