Switch Controller

Switch Controller

The Switch Controller function, also known as FortiLink, is used to remotely manage FortiSwitch unit. In the most common layer 2 scenario, the FortiGate that is acting as a switch controller is connected to distribution FortiSwitch units. The distribution FortiSwitch units are in the top tier of stacks of FortiSwitch units and connected downwards with Convergent or Access layer FortiSwitch units. To leverage CAPWAP and the Fortinet proprietary FortiLink protocol, data and control planes are established between the FortiGate and FortiSwitch units.

FortiLink allows administrators to create and manage different VLANs, and apply the full-fledged security functions of

FortiOS to them, such as 802.1X authentication and firewall policies. Most of the security control capabilities on the FortiGate are extended to the edge of the entire network, combining FortiGate, FortiSwitch, and FortiAP devices, and providing secure, seamless, and unified access control to users.

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