Email – FortiGuard-based filters

FortiGuard-based filters

FortiGate consults FortiGuard servers to help identify the spammers IP address or emails, known phishing URLs, known spam URLs, known spam email checksums, etc. FortiGuard servers have maintained databases that contain black lists which are fed from Fortinet sensors and labs distributed all over the world.

To configure the FortiGuard filters in the CLI:

config emailfilter profile edit “myEmailFilterProfile” set spam-filtering enable

set options spamfsip spamfssubmit spamfschksum spamfsurl spamrbl spamhdrcheck spamfsphish next


To configure the FortiGuard filters in the GUI:

  1. Go to Security Profiles > Email Filter.
  2. In the FortiGuard Spam Filtering Spam Filtering section, you can enable or disable the following filters:
    • IP Address Check l URL Check
    • Detect Phising URLs in Email l Email Checksum Check
    • Spam Submission

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