Email Filter – Checking the log

Checking the log

To check the email filter log in the CLI:

execute log filter category 5 execute log display

1 logs found.

1 logs returned.

1: date=2019-04-09 time=03:41:18 logid=”0510020491″ type=”utm” subtype=”emailfilter” eventtype=”imap” level=”notice” vd=”vdom1″ eventtime=1554806478647415130 policyid=1 sessionid=439 srcip= srcport=39937 srcintf=”port21″ srcintfrole=”undefined” dstip= dstport=143 dstintf=”port17″ dstintfrole=”undefined” proto=6 service=”IMAPS” profile=”822881″ action=”blocked” from=”” to=”” recipient=”testpc3″ direction=”incoming” msg=”from ip is in ip blacklist.(path black ip” subject=”testcase822881″ size=”525″ attachment=”no”

To check the email filter log in the GUI:

Go to Log & Report > Anti-Spam.

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