Introduction to Web Filter

Introduction to Web Filter

Web filtering is a means of controlling the content that an internet user is able to view. With the increased popularity of web applications, the need to monitor and control web access is becoming a key component of secure content management systems that employ antivirus, web filtering, and messaging security.

This topic provides a general introduction to the Web Filter security profile. Additional information, such as the GUI and CLI configurations, can be found in subsequent topics.

Web Filter Configuration

Web Filter configuration can be separated into the following parts: Web Filterprofile configuration and Web Filter profile overrides.

There are five components to Web Filter configuration:

  • URL filter: Block, allow, exempt, or monitor traffic by URL.
  • FortiGuard filter: With a FortiGuard license, you can get the rating of a URL. Action can be taken against the packet based on its rating.
  • Content filter: Block or exempt traffic by checking its content.
  • File filter: Log or block a file based on its file type (e.g. ZIP, MP3, PNG). l Advanced filter

There are two different ways to override web filtering behavior based on FortiGuard categorization of websites:

  • Using alternate categories: Web rating overrides. This method manually assigns a specific website to a different Fortinet category or a locally created category.
  • Using alternate profiles: The traffic going through the FortiGate unit using identity based policies and a web filtering profile have the option where configured users or IP addresses can use an alternative Web Filter profile when attempting to access blocked websites.

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