Menus – FortiOS 6.2


If you believe your FortiGate model supports a menu that does not appear in the GUI as expected, go to System > Feature Visibility and ensure the feature is enabled. For more information, see Feature Visibility on page 18.

The GUI contains the following main menus, which provide access to configuration options for most FortiOS features:

Dashboard The dashboard displays various widgets that display important system information and allow you to configure some system options.

For more information, see Dashboard on page 16.

Security Fabric Access the physical topology, logical topology, audit, and settings features of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

For more information, see Security Fabric on page 72.

FortiView A collection of dashboards and logs that give insight into network traffic, showing which users are creating the most traffic, what sort of traffic it is, when the traffic occurs, and what kind of threat the traffic may pose to the network.
Network Options for networking, including configuring system interfaces and routing options.

For more information, see Network Configurations on page 95.

System Configure system settings, such as administrators, FortiGuard, and certificates. For more information, see System Configurations on page 150.
Policy & Objects Configure firewall policies, protocol options, and supporting content for policies, including schedules, firewall addresses, and traffic shapers.

For more information, see Policies and Objects on page 224.

Security Profiles Configure your FortiGate’s security features, including AntiVirus, Web Filtering, and Application Control.

For more information, see Security Profiles on page 280.

VPN Configure options for IPsec and SSL virtual private networks (VPNs).

For more information, see IPsec VPNs on page 412 and SSL VPN on page 571.

User & Device Configure user accounts, groups, and authentication methods, including external authentication and single sign-on (SSO).
WiFi & Switch Controller Configure the unit to act as a wireless network controller, managing the wireless Access Point (AP) functionality of FortiWiFi and FortiAP units.

On certain FortiGate models, this menu has additional features allowing for FortiSwitch units to be managed by the FortiGate.

For more information, see WiFi on page 639.

Log & Report Configure logging and alert email as well as reports.

For more information, see Log and Report on page 718.

Monitor View a variety of monitors, including the Routing Monitor, VPN monitors for both IPsec and SSL, monitors relating to wireless networking, and more.

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