IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Proxy

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Proxy

The following is an example configuration of a FortiGate using ND Proxy. Some of these configuration steps have been covered elsewhere, but are shown here to demonstrate how they all work together to achieve the desired effect.


  • Create zone for ND proxy use that includes the upstream and downstream interfaces. l Create policies to allow ICMPv6 and DHCPv6 traffic. l Enable ND Proxy on the interfaces.
  • Enable “autoconf” on the upstream interface.
  1. Add a zone including wan and lan.

It is possible to use firewall and multicast policies that don’t use a zone, but using a zone simplifies the configuration, especially if you have more than two interfaces. config system zone edit ndproxy_zone set interface wan lan


  1. Add forward firewall policy and multicast policy to allow at least ICMPv6 and DHCPv6 traffic.

config firewall multicast-policy6 edit 0 set srcintf ndproxy_zone set dstintf ndproxy_zone set srcaddr all set dstaddr all

end and

config firewall policy6 edit 0 set srcintf ndproxy_zone set dstintf ndproxy_zone set srcaddr all set dstaddr all set action accept set schedule always set service ALL


  1. Enable ND proxy on WAN and LAN.

config system nd-proxy set status enable set member wan lan end

  1. Enable autoconf on the upstream interface.

RA received on the other interface(s) will be dropped.

config system interface edit wan …

config ipv6

set autoconf enable end end


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