Security policy 0

Security policy 0

Any security policy that is automatically added by the FortiGate unit has a policy ID number of zero (0). The most common reasons the FortiGate unit creates this policy is:

  • The IPsec policy for FortiAnalyzer (and FortiManager version 3.0) is automatically added when an IPsec connection to the FortiAnalyzer unit or FortiManager is enabled.
  • The policy to allow FortiGuard servers to be automatically added has a policy ID number of zero.
  • The (default) drop rule that is the last rule in the policy and that is automatically added has a policy ID number of zero.
  • When a network zone is defined within a VDOM, the intra-zone traffic set to allow or block is managed by policy 0 if it is not processed by a configured security policy.

This policy can appear in logs but will never appear in the security policy list, and therefore, can never be repositioned in the list.

When viewing the FortiGate firewall logs, you may find a log field entry indicating policyid=0. The following log message example indicates the log field policyid=0 in bold.

2008-10-06 00:13:49 log_id=0022013001 type=traffic subtype=violation pri=warning vd=root SN=179089 duration=0 user=N/A group=N/A rule=0 policyid=0 proto=17 service=137/udp app_type=N/A status=deny src= srcname= dst= dstname= src_int=N/A dst_int=”Internal” sent=0 rcvd=0 src_port=137 dst_port=137 vpn=N/A tran_ip= tran_port=0

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