FortiOS 6.0.4 Release Notes

Supported models

FortiOS 6.0.4 supports the following models.

FortiGate FG-30D, FG-30D-POE, FG-30E, FG-30E_3G4G_INTL, FG-30E_3G4G_NAM, FG-50E,

FG-51E, FG-52E, FG-60D, FG-60D-POE, FG-60E, FG-60E-POE, FG-61E, FG-70D, FG70D-POE, FG-80D, FG-80E, FG-80E-POE, FG-81E, FG-81E-POE, FG-90D, FG-90D-POE,

FG-90E, FG-92D, FG-94D-POE, FG-98D-POE, FG-100D, FG-100E, FG-100EF, FG-101E,

FG-140D, FG-140D-POE, FG-140E, FG-140E-POE, FG- 200D, FG-200D-POE, FG-200E,

FG-201E, FG-240D, FG-240D-POE, FG-280D-POE, FG-300D, FG-300E, FG-301E,

FG-400D, FG-500D, FG-500E, FG-501E, FG-600D, FG-800D, FG-900D, FG-1000D,

FG-1200D, FG-1500D, FG-1500DT, FG-2000E, FG-2500E, FG-3000D, FG-3100D,

FG-3200D, FG-3700D, FG-3800D, FG-3810D, FG-3815D, FG-5001D, FG-3960E, FG-3980E, FG-5001E, FG-5001E1

FortiWiFi FWF-30D, FWF-30D-POE, FWF-30E, FWF-30E_3G4G_INTL, FWF-30E_3G4G_NAM,

FWF-50E, FWF-50E-2R, FWF-51E, FWF-60D, FWF-60D-POE, FWF-60E, FWF-61E, FWF-90D, FWF-90D-POE, FWF-92D

FortiGate Rugged FGR-30D, FGR-35D, FGR-60D, FGR-90D



Pay-as-you-go images FOS-VM64, FOS-VM64-KVM, FOS-VM64-XEN
FortiOS Carrier FortiOS Carrier 6.0.4 images are delivered upon request and are not available on the customer support firmware download page.


Special branch supported models

The following models are released on a special branch of FortiOS 6.0.4. To confirm that you are running the correct build, run the CLI command get system status and check that the Branch point field shows 0231.

FG-60E-DSL   is released on build 5168.
FG-60E-DSLJ   is released on build 5168.
FWF-60E-DSL   is released on build 5168.
FWF-60E-DSLJ   is released on build 5168.


Special Notices

  • WAN optimization and web caching functions l FortiGuard Security Rating Service
  • Built-in certificate
  • FortiGate and FortiWiFi-92D hardware limitation
  • FG-900D and FG-1000D
  • FortiClient (Mac OS X) SSL VPN requirements
  • FortiClient profile changes l Use of dedicated management interfaces (mgmt1 and mgmt2)

WAN optimization and web caching functions

WAN optimization and web caching functions are removed from 60D and 90D series platforms, starting from 6.0.0 due to their limited disk size. Platforms affected are: l FGT-60D l FGT-60D-POE l FWF-60D l FWF-60D-POE l FGT-90D l FGT-90D-POE l FWF-90D l FWF-90D-POE l FGT-94D-POE

Upon upgrading from 5.6 patches to 6.0.0, diagnose debug config-error-log read will show command parse error about wanopt and webcache settings.

FortiGuard Security Rating Service

Not all FortiGate models can support running the FortiGuard Security Rating Service as a Fabric “root” device. The following FortiGate platforms can run the FortiGuard Security Rating Service when added to an existing Fortinet Security Fabric managed by a supported FortiGate model:

  • FGR-30D-A l FGR-30D l FGR-35D l FGR-60D l FGR-90D l FGT-200D


  • FGT-200D-POE l FGT-240D l FGT-240D-POE l FGT-280D-POE l FGT-30D l FGT-30D-POE l FGT-30E l FGT-30E-MI l FGT-30E-MN l FGT-50E l FGT-51E l FGT-52E l FGT-60D l FGT-60D-POE l FGT-70D l FGT-70D-POE l FGT-90D l FGT-90D-POE l FGT-94D-POE l FGT-98D-POE l FWF-30D l FWF-30D-POE l FWF-30E l FWF-30E-MI l FWF-30E-MN l FWF-50E-2R l FWF-50E l FWF-51E l FWF-60D l FWF-60D-POE l FWF-90D l FWF-90D-POE l FWF-92D

Built-in certificate

FortiGate and FortiWiFi D-series and above have a built in Fortinet_Factory certificate that uses a 2048-bit certificate with the 14 DH group.


FortiGate and FortiWiFi-92D hardware limitation

FortiOS 5.4.0 reported an issue with the FG-92D model in the Special Notices > FG-92D High Availability in Interface Mode section of the release notes. Those issues, which were related to the use of port 1 through 14, include:

  • PPPoE failing, HA failing to form. l IPv6 packets being dropped. l FortiSwitch devices failing to be discovered. l Spanning tree loops may result depending on the network topology.

FG-92D and FWF-92D do not support STP. These issues have been improved in FortiOS 5.4.1, but with some side effects with the introduction of a new command, which is enabled by default:

config global set hw-switch-ether-filter <enable | disable>

When the command is enabled:

  • ARP (0x0806), IPv4 (0x0800), and VLAN (0x8100) packets are allowed. l BPDUs are dropped and therefore no STP loop results. l PPPoE packets are dropped. l IPv6 packets are dropped. l FortiSwitch devices are not discovered. l HA may fail to form depending the network topology.

When the command is disabled:

  • All packet types are allowed, but depending on the network topology, an STP loop may result.

FG-900D and FG-1000D

CAPWAP traffic will not offload if the ingress and egress traffic ports are on different NP6 chips. It will only offload if both ingress and egress ports belong to the same NP6 chip.

FortiClient (Mac OS X) SSL VPN requirements

When using SSL VPN on Mac OS X 10.8, you must enable SSLv3 in FortiOS.

FortiClient profile changes

With introduction of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiClient profiles will be updated on FortiGate. FortiClient profiles and FortiGate are now primarily used for Endpoint Compliance, and FortiClient Enterprise Management Server (EMS) is now used for FortiClient deployment and provisioning.

The FortiClient profile on FortiGate is for FortiClient features related to compliance, such as Antivirus, Web Filter, Vulnerability Scan, and Application Firewall. You may set the Non-Compliance Action setting to Block or Warn.

FortiClient users can change their features locally to meet the FortiGate compliance criteria. You can also use FortiClient EMS to centrally provision endpoints. The EMS also includes support for additional features, such as VPN tunnels or other advanced options. For more information, see the FortiOS Handbook – Security Profiles.

Use of dedicated management interfaces (mgmt1 and mgmt2)

For optimum stability, use management ports (mgmt1 and mgmt2) for management traffic only. Do not use management ports for general user traffic.

Using FortiAnalyzer units running older versions

When using FortiOS 6.0.4 with FortiAnalyzer units running 5.6.5 or lower, or 6.0.0-6.0.2, FortiAnalyzer might report increased bandwidth and session counts if there are sessions that last longer than two minutes.

For accurate bandwidth and session counts, upgrade the FortiAnalyzer unit to 5.6.6 or higher, or 6.0.2 or higher.


Upgrade Information

Supported upgrade path information is available on the Fortinet Customer Service & Support site.

To view supported upgrade path information:

  1. Go to
  2. From the Download menu, select Firmware Images.
  3. Check that Select Product is FortiGate.
  4. Click the Upgrade Path tab and select the following:

l Current Product l Current FortiOS Version l Upgrade To FortiOS Version

  1. Click Go.

Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade

FortiOS 6.0.4 greatly increases the interoperability between other Fortinet products. This includes:

l FortiAnalyzer 6.0.0 l FortiClient 6.0.0 l FortiClient EMS 6.0.0 l FortiAP 5.4.4 and later l FortiSwitch 3.6.4 and later

Upgrade the firmware of each product in the correct order. This maintains network connectivity without the need to use manual steps.

Before upgrading any product, you must read the FortiOS Security Fabric Upgrade Guide.

If Security Fabric is enabled, then all FortiGate devices must be upgraded to 6.0.4. When Security Fabric is enabled, you cannot have some FortiGate devices running 6.0.4 and some running 5.6.x.

Minimum version of TLS services automatically changed

For improved security, FortiOS 6.0.4 uses the ssl-min-proto-version option (under config system global) to control the minimum SSL protocol version used in communication between FortiGate and third-party SSL and TLS services.

When you upgrade to FortiOS 6.0.4 and later, the default ssl-min-proto-version option is TLS v1.2. The following SSL and TLS services inherit global settings to use TLS v1.2 as the default. You can override these settings.

l Email server (config system email-server) l Certificate (config vpn certificate setting) l FortiSandbox (config system fortisandbox) l FortiGuard (config log fortiguard setting) l FortiAnalyzer (config log fortianalyzer setting) l LDAP server (config user ldap) l POP3 server (config user pop3)

Downgrading to previous firmware versions

Downgrading to previous firmware versions results in configuration loss on all models. Only the following settings are retained:

l operation mode l interface IP/management IP l static route table l DNS settings l VDOM parameters/settings l admin user account l session helpers l system access profiles

If you have long VDOM names, you must shorten the long VDOM names (maximum 11 characters) before downgrading:

  1. Back up your configuration.
  2. In the backup configuration, replace all long VDOM names with its corresponding short VDOM name. For example, replace edit <long_vdom_name>/<short_name> with edit <short_name>/<short_ name>.
  3. Restore the configuration.
  4. Perform the downgrade.

Amazon AWS enhanced networking compatibility issue

With this new enhancement, there is a compatibility issue with older AWS VM versions. After downgrading a 6.0.4 image to an older version, network connectivity is lost. Since AWS does not provide console access, you cannot recover the downgraded image.

When downgrading from 6.0.4 to older versions, running the enhanced nic driver is not allowed. The following AWS instances are affected:

  • C3 l C4


  • R3
  • I2 l M4 l D2

FortiGate VM firmware

Fortinet provides FortiGate VM firmware images for the following virtual environments:

Citrix XenServer and Open Source XenServer

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains the QCOW2 file for Open Source XenServer.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains the Citrix XenServer Virtual Appliance (XVA), Virtual Hard Disk (VHD), and OVF files.

Linux KVM

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains QCOW2 that can be used by qemu.

Microsoft Hyper-V

  • .out: Download the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains three folders that can be imported by Hyper-V Manager on Hyper-V 2012. It also contains the file vhd in the Virtual Hard Disks folder that can be manually added to the Hyper-V Manager.

VMware ESX and ESXi

  • .out: Download either the 64-bit firmware image to upgrade your existing FortiGate VM installation.
  • Download either the 64-bit package for a new FortiGate VM installation. This package contains Open Virtualization Format (OVF) files for VMware and two Virtual Machine Disk Format (VMDK) files used by the OVF file during deployment.

Firmware image checksums

The MD5 checksums for all Fortinet software and firmware releases are available at the Customer Service & Support portal, After logging in select Download > Firmware Image Checksums, enter the image file name including the extension, and select Get Checksum Code.

FortiGuard update-server-location setting

The FortiGuard update-server-location default setting is different between hardware platforms and VMs. On hardware platforms, the default is any. On VMs, the default is usa.

On VMs, after upgrading from 5.6.3 or earlier to 5.6.4 or later (including 6.0.0 or later), update-server-location is set to usa.

If necessary, set update-server-location to use the nearest or low-latency FDS servers.

To set FortiGuard update-server-location:

config system fortiguard set update-server-location [usa|any] end


Product Integration and Support

The following table lists FortiOS 6.0.4 product integration and support information:

Web Browsers l Microsoft Edge 41 l Mozilla Firefox version 59 l Google Chrome version 65 l Apple Safari version 9.1 (For Mac OS X)

Other web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

Explicit Web Proxy Browser l Microsoft Edge 41 l Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 l Mozilla Firefox version 59 l Google Chrome version 65 l Apple Safari version 9.1 (For Mac OS X)

Other web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

FortiManager See important compatibility information in . For the latest information, see FortiManager compatibility with FortiOS in the Fortinet Document Library.

Upgrade FortiManager before upgrading FortiGate.

FortiAnalyzer See important compatibility information in . For the latest information, see FortiAnalyzer compatibility with FortiOS in the Fortinet Document Library.

Upgrade FortiAnalyzer before upgrading FortiGate.


l Microsoft Windows l Mac OS X l Linux

l 6.0.0

See important compatibility information in Fortinet Security Fabric upgrade on page 11.

If you’re upgrading both FortiOS and FortiClient from 5.6 to 6.0, upgrade FortiClient first to avoid compatibility issues.

FortiClient for Linux is supported on Ubuntu 16.04 and later, Red Hat 7.4 and later, and CentOS 7.4 and later.

If you are using FortiClient only for IPsec VPN or SSL VPN, FortiClient version 5.6.0 and later are supported.

FortiClient iOS l 5.6.0 and later
FortiClient Android and FortiClient VPN Android l 5.4.2 and later
FortiAP l 5.4.2 and later l 5.6.0 and later
FortiAP-S l 5.4.3 and later l 5.6.0 and later


FortiSwitch OS

(FortiLink support)

l 3.6.4 and later
FortiController l 5.2.5 and later

Supported models: FCTL-5103B, FCTL-5903C, FCTL-5913C

FortiSandbox l 2.3.3 and later
Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO) l 5.0 build 0272 and later (needed for FSSO agent support OU in group filters) l Windows Server 2016 Datacenter l Windows Server 2016 Standard l Windows Server 2008 (32-bit and 64-bit) l Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit l Windows Server 2012 Standard l Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard l Novell eDirectory 8.8
FortiExtender l 3.2.1
AV Engine l 6.00019
IPS Engine l 4.00029
Virtualization Environments  
Citrix l XenServer version 5.6 Service Pack 2 l XenServer version 6.0 and later
Linux KVM l RHEL 7.1/Ubuntu 12.04 and later l CentOS 6.4 (qemu 0.12.1) and later
Microsoft l Hyper-V Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016
Open Source l XenServer version 3.4.3 l XenServer version 4.1 and later
VMware l  ESX versions 4.0 and 4.1

l  ESXi versions 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5

VM Series – SR-IOV The following NIC chipset cards are supported:

l Intel 82599 l Intel X540 l Intel X710/XL710

Language support

The following table lists language support information.

Language support

Language GUI
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazil)

SSL VPN support

SSL VPN standalone client

The following table lists SSL VPN tunnel client standalone installer for the following operating systems.

Operating system and installers

Operating System Installer
Linux CentOS 6.5 / 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Linux Ubuntu 16.04 (32-bit & 64-bit)

2336. Download from the Fortinet Developer Network:

Other operating systems may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

SSL VPN web mode

The following table lists the operating systems and web browsers supported by SSL VPN web mode.

Supported operating systems and web browsers

Operating System Web Browser
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 (32-bit & 64-bit) Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

Linux CentOS 6.5 / 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) Mozilla Firefox version 54
OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 Apple Safari version 11

Mozilla Firefox version 61

Google Chrome version 68

iOS Apple Safari

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Android Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Other operating systems and web browsers may function correctly, but are not supported by Fortinet.

SSL VPN host compatibility list

The following table lists the antivirus and firewall client software packages that are supported.

Supported Microsoft Windows XP antivirus and firewall software

Product Antivirus   Firewall
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11  
Kaspersky Antivirus 2009    
McAfee Security Center 8.1  
Trend Micro Internet Security Pro  
F-Secure Internet Security 2009  

Supported Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit antivirus and firewall software

Product Antivirus Firewall
CA Internet Security Suite Plus Software
AVG Internet Security 2011    
F-Secure Internet Security 2011
Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
McAfee Internet Security 2011
Norton 360™ Version 4.0
Norton™ Internet Security 2011
Panda Internet Security 2011
Sophos Security Suite
Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security
ZoneAlarm Security Suite
Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 12.0


Resolved Issues

The following issues have been fixed in version 6.0.4. For inquires about a particular bug, please contact Customer Service & Support. Antivirus

Bug ID Description
516072 In flow mode, scanunit API does not allow IPS to submit scan job for URL with no filename.
519759 Process scanunit crashes.
522343 scanunitd having constant different kind of crash.

Endpoint Control

Bug ID Description
495132 Automation stitch IOC for Access Layer Quarantine works incompletely.

Explicit Proxy

Bug ID Description
521344 Explicit FTP proxy doesn’t work with secondary IP address.
521899 When proxy srvc is set to protocol CONNECT and client tries to connect to HTTPS page, client gets message: Access Denied.
523974 Cannot access some web sites with deep inspection enabled.


Bug ID Description
390422 When a firewall address group is used in firewall policy, a wildcard FQDN address should not be allowed to be added into the firewall address group as a member.
503904 Creating a new address group gives error: Associated Interface conflict detected!.
504057 Service Object Limitation of 4096 needs to be increased.
511261 RSH connection disconnects when we have multiple commands executed via script and we can see the message no session matched.
514187 VIP ping healthchecks fail with high number of realservers.


Bug ID Description
256264 Realtime session list cannot show IPv6 session and related issues.
453610 Fortiview >Policies(or Sources) >Now shows nothing when filtered by physical interface at PPPoE mode.
460016 In Fortiview > Threats, drill down one level, click Return and the graph is cleared.
461811 In Cloud Applications widget bubble view, the tooltip cannot display Application.
488886 FortiView > Sources is unable to sort information accurately when filtering by policy ID number.
495070 In FortiView > Cloud Applications > Applications, GUI keeps loading and without any response.
527700 FortiView pages cannot be loaded by latest Chrome version 71.0.3578.80.


Bug ID Description
437117 In Single Sign-on, multiple FSSO polling servers with the same AD (LDAP) server cannot select the same user or group.
456289 GUI to support two-level device classification schema.
491919 GUI – Routing Monitor page does not load with large number of routes inserted in the routing table.
497427 V3.3.0_533151 remote access stuck loading main dashboard page and login with Fortimanager_ Access user.
512806 Slowness in loading the Addresses page.
515022 FortiGate and FSA has right connectivity, but Test Connectivity on GUI interface is showing

Unreachable or not Authorized.

515983 Firefox cannot list user TACACS+ Servers. Chrome is OK.
516027 In GUI IPsec monitor page, the column username should be peerID.
516295 Error connecting to FortiCloud message while trying to access FortiCloud Reports in GUI.
518024 Guest admin logging in gets GUI Error 500: Internal Server Error.
518131 Cannot add static route with the same gateway IP and interface from WebGUI.
518970 Suggestion to improve SD-WAN SLA creation page’s invalid-entry handling.
522576 GUI always loading VPN interface when there is over 5k VPN tunnel interfaces.
526573 GUI Virtual IP misses SSL-VPN interface.


Bug ID Description
445214 Slave in AP cluster memory/CPU spike as a result of DHCP/HA sync issue.
509557 Duplicate MAC on mgmt2 ports.
510660 Upgrade to build 3574 fails for HA cluster.
511522 HA uninterruptible upgrade from 9790 to 3558 fails.
515401 SLBC-Dual mode: Slave chassis blade sending traffic logs.
516779 Confsync cannot work with three members when encryption is enabled.
517537 Slave out-of-sync. Unable to log into slave unit.
518621 ha-mgmt-interface IPv6 GW is not registered when ha-mgmt-interface IPv4 GW is not set.
518651 TCP Session lost when only one unit in HA cluster kicked un-interruptive upgrade.
519653 Increase FGSP session sync from 200 VDOMs to 500 VDOMs.
525182 WLAN guest user in VDOM makes the cluster out of sync.

Intrusion Prevention

Bug ID Description
469608 ICMP packets dropped during FortiGate update.
476219 Delay for BFD in IPinIP traffic hitting policy with IPS while IPsec calculates new key.
501986 DOS policy configured with action proxy for tcp_syn_flood doesn’t work properly.
516128 Victim is quarantined after IPS attack.


Bug ID Description
515375 VPN goes down randomly, also affects remote sites dialup.
520151 When two certificates are configured on p1, both aren’t offered or the wrong one is offered.

Log & Report

Bug ID Description
503897 FortiGate-501E units generating logs only for five minutes after rebooting the unit, Then do not generate logs anymore.
516033 The traffic log for WANOPT data traffic in the server-side FortiGate should show policy type as proxy-policy, not policy.
Bug ID Description
518402 miglogd crash and no logs are generated.
522447 FortiGate logging is not stable and stops working.
522512 When a service group contains more than 128 services, the existing logic cannot catch it and causes buffer overflow.
519969 EXE log filter category utm-anomaly/utm-voip does not work.
Bug ID Description
441506 BGP Aggregate address results in blackhole for incoming traffic.
449010 WAN LLB session log srcip and dstip are mixed up intermittently.


Bug ID Description
477289 Proxy is unexpectedly sending FIN packet (FTP over HTTP traffic).
509994 Web site denied due to certificate error (revoked) only in Proxy_policy and deep inspection profile.
512434 Need to do changes in default replacement message of Invalid certificate Message.
513270 Certificate error with SSL deep inspection.
514426 Explicit proxy cannot catch Microsoft Outlook after FFDB update.
516414 Traffic over 1GB through SCP gets terminated when SSH inspection is enabled in ssl-sshprofile.
516934 In transparent proxy policy with cookie authentication mode, NTLM authentication doesn’t work and LDAP authentication using wrong username/password will cause WAD to crash.
519021 Cannot access internal CRM application server with antivirus enabled.
521051 HTTP WebSocket 101 switching protocol requests mismatch in 6.0.3.
521648 WAD crashes and fnbamd process takes 100% of CPU. Kerberos and NTLM authentication do not work
526322 WAD crashes when processing transparent proxy traffic after upgrade to 6.0.3.
526555 WAD segmentation signal 11 in 6.0.3.


Bug ID Description
467747 REST API user cannot create API user via autoscript upload and cannot set API password via CLI.


Bug ID Description
476805 FortiGate delays to send keepalive which causes neighbor’s hold down timer to expire and reset the BGP neighborship
485408 Merge vwl_valeo project – no option for proute based on only dynamic routes.
500432 IGMP multicast joins taking very long time and uses high NSM CPU utilization.
515683 FortiGate generates fragmented OSPFv3 DBD packets.
518677 Log message MOB-L2-UNTRUST:311 not found in the list! seen on VDOM with IPv6 router advertisement enabled.
518929 SNMP, OSPF MIB ospfIfState value when designated router is not correct.
518943 RIPv2 with MD5 authentication key ID incompatible with other vendors.


Zebos doesn’t start up correctly on models using Linux 2.4 kernel.
522258 Some missing fields in proute list.

Security Fabric

Bug ID Description
515970 Fabric settings/widget and FortiMail icons are yellow even when they are connected.


Bug ID Description
508101 HTTPS bookmark to internal website produces error after the initial successful login.
511002 SSL-VPN web mode login fails when entering valid OTP manually.
511107 For RADIUS with 2FA and password renewal enabled, password change fails due to unexpected state AVP + GUI bug.
511415 SSL-VPN web mode RDP connection disconnects when pasting text from local to remote RDP server.
515889 SSL-VPN web mode has trouble loading internal web application.
519068 WAD informer process crashes in tunnel mode SSL-VPN user login.
519372 SSL-VPN web mode RDP doesn’t work.
519987 HTTP bookmark error SyntaxError: Expected ‘)’ after accessing internal server.
520361 SSL-VPN portal not loading predefined bookmarks.
521459 HSTS header missing again under SSL-VPN.

Switch Controller

Bug ID Description
522457 After a physical port of FortiLink LAG has link down/up, fortilinkd packet cannot be sent from FortiGate to FortiSwitch.


Bug ID Description
502651 Inconsistent behavior with 1G copper transceivers on 3960E.
503318 Accessing FDS via proxy server without DNS resolution.
505468 Incorrect SNMP answer for get-next.
505522 Intermittent failure of DHCP address assignment.
505873 ftm2 daemon cannot detect change of ssl-static-key-ciphers and need to restart daemon.
507518 Partial configuration loss after root VDOM restore.
508285 After restoring a config for VDOM, the VDOM cannot be deleted unless OS is rebooted.
510737 Users are not able to pull DHCP addresses from FGT.
511851 Unable to set EMAC VLANs on different VDOMs to the same VLAN ID.
512930 WAD crash with signal 11.
513156 Packet loss on startup when interfaces are in bypass mode (2500E).
513339 Finisar FCLF8521p2BTL (FG-TRAN-GC) and (FS-TRAN-GC) FCLF8522P2BTL transceivers not detected by FortiOS.
513663 FG-3200D running FOS 5.6.5 – WAD crashing frequently.
516105 Daylight Saving Time no longer used in Azerbaijan.
516783 DSA and RSA fingerprints are identical.
524422 Support FortiGateRugged-30D model containing the new CPU.


Bug ID Description
510447 FWF-30D keeps rebooting after upgrade to 6.0.2.

User & Device

Bug ID Description
463849 FAC remote LDAP user authentication via RADIUS fails on invalid token if password change and 2FA are both required.
491118 Kerberos users unable to access internet.
510581 Backup password for LDAP admin does not work when interface is down.
511776 Once user has assigned token other tokens not listed in pull down menu.
515226 FortiGate keeps sending accounting packet to RADIUS server for user that is no longer authenticated.
519826 fnbamd crashes and LDAP authentication stops working after upgrade.


Bug ID Description
488964 Service Manger warns that internal and external interfaces are down.
498653 FortiOSVM stops passing traffic after failover.
509672 “netx request error:60…” was reported when running some “exec nsx service” and “exec nsx group” commands on SVM.
512713 Connectivity loss between FGT-SVM and FGT-VMX causes license to became invalid after one hour.
515624 FortiGate VM cannot use the maximum memory allowance as per the license.
524852 Possible cross-origin error when attempting to read state from window.opener for GCP marketplace.


Bug ID Description
516927 No audio when call is generated from the outside in a FGT30E SIP-ALG when local devices apps register against remote SIP server.

Web Filter

Bug ID Description
486171 The “Web Rating Overrides” doesn’t work with flow-mode.
518933 Certificate inspection (CN base) web category filter doesn’t work.
523804 Enabling safe search on DNS causes any site with google in the domain to redirect to

WiFi Controller

Bug ID Description
478594 wpad_ac uses high CPU.
503106 Remote site client connected to the FAP14C ethernet port is randomly not able to reach the LAN client connected to the FortiGate.
512606 FortiWiFi not working with FortiPresence Pro.
519321 FWF-50E kernel panic due to a WiFi driver issue.
520521 hostapd crashes and causes a wireless outage.
522762 Frequent hostapd crash.


Known Issues

The following issues have been identified in version 6.0.4. For inquires about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact Customer Service & Support.

Application Control

Bug ID Description
435951 Traffic keeps going through the DENY NGFW policy configured with URL category.
488369 DSCP/ToS is not implemented in shaping-policy yet.


Bug ID Description
375172 FortiGate under a FortiSwitch may be shown directly connected to an upstream FortiGate.
403229 In FortiView, display from FortiAnalyzer, the upstream FortiGate cannot drill down to final level for downstream traffic.
411368 In FortiView with FortiAnalyzer, the combined MAC address is displayed in the Device field.
482045 FortiView – no data shown on Traffic from WAN.
521497 The FortiView All Sessions real time view is missing right-click menu to end session/ban ip.
525702 FortiView does not support auto update in real-time view and shows unscanned application.
526956 FortiView widgets get deleted on upgrading to B222.
527540 In many FortiView pages, the Quarantine Host option is not clickable on a registered device.
527708 Policy ID hyper link in policy view is missing.
527775 FortiView logs entries do not refresh on log drill down page.
527952 FortiView > WiFi Clients > drill down > Sessions gets nothing at final drill down if device identification is disabled.
528483 FortiView > Destination page filter destination owner cannot filter out correct destination in real time view.
528684 FortiView > Bubble Chart cannot drill down on Firefox 63 with ReferenceError: “event is not defined”.
528744 FortiView > Traffic Shaping displays data with error message if switched from other pages in custom period.
528767 In FortiView > multiple charts, Previous Time Periods in custom period is missing.
Bug ID Description
529000 Threat view does not show entries if signature attack direction is incoming and the source is FortiAnalyzer.
529001 In FortiView > Cloud Applications, there are entries without cloud action details.
529313 FortiView > Web Sites > Web Categories drill down displays all entries in Policies tab.
529355 All tabs in FortiView > System Events show no entry when the source is FortiCloud.
529558 System Events widget shows No matching entries found when drilling down HA event.


Bug ID Description
439185 AV quarantine cannot be viewed and downloaded from detail panel when source is FortiAnalyzer.
442231 Link cannot show different colors based on link usage legend in logical topology real time view.
451776 Admin GUI has limit of 10 characters for OTP.
508015 Edit Policy from GUI changes fsso setting to disabled.
513451 Archived data filed in logs shows incorrect data.
516415 Edit Disclaimer Message button is missing on Proxy Policy page.
Bug ID Description
469798 The interface shaping with egress shaping profile doesn’t work for offloaded traffic.
481201 The OCVPN feature is delayed about one day after registering on FortiCare.


Bug ID Description
451470 Unexpected performance reduction in case of Inter-Chassis HA fail-back with enabling HA override.
479987 FG MGMT1 does not authenticate Admin RADIUS users through primary unit (secondary unit works).
529274 Factory reset box faild to sync with master in multi-VDOM upgraded from 6.0.3.

Intrusion Prevention

Bug ID Description
445113 IPS engine 3.428 on FortiGate sometimes cannot detect Psiphon packets that iscan can detect.


Log & Report

Bug ID Description
412649 In NGFW Policy mode, FortiGate does not create web filter logs.
528786 In Log viewer, forward traffic filter Result Accept(all)/Deny(all) does not work.


Bug ID Description
405239 URL rewritten incorrectly for a specific page in application server.

Switch Controller

Bug ID Description
304199 Using HA with FortiLink can encounter traffic loss during failover.
357360 DHCP snooping may not work on IPv6.


Bug ID Description
295292 If private-data-encryption is enabled, when restoring config to a FortiGate, the FortiGate may not prompt the user to enter the key.
364280 User cannot use ssh-dss algorithm to login to FortiGate via SSH.
385860 FG-3815D does not support 1GE SFP transceivers.
436746 NP6 counter shows packet drops on FG-1500D. Pure firewall policy without UTM.
468684 EHP drop improvement for units using NP_SERVICE_MODULE.
472843 When FortiManager is set for DM = set verify-install-disable, FortiGate does not always save script changes.
474132 FG-51E hang under stress test since build 0050.
494042 If we create VLAN in VDOM A, then we cannot create ZONE name with the same VLAN name in VDOM B.
513339 Finisar FCLF8521p2BTL (FG-TRAN-GC) and (FS-TRAN-GC) FCLF8522P2BTL transceivers not detected by FortiOS.


Bug ID Description
470575 After upgrading from 5.6.3, g-sniffer-profile and sniffer-profile exist for IPS and web filter.
473075 When upgrading, multicast policies are lost when there is a zone member as interface.
481408 When upgrading from 5.6.3 to 6.0.0, the IPv6 policy is lost if there is SD-WAN member as interface.
494217 Peer user SSL VPN personal bookmarks do not show when upgrade to 6.0.1. Workaround: Use CLI to rename the user bookmark to the new name.

Web Filter

Bug ID Description
480003 FortiGuard category does not work in NGFW mode policy.
WiFi Controller  
Bug ID Description
516067 CAPWAP traffic from non-VLAN SSID is blocked when dtls-policy=ipsec-vpn and NP6 offload are enabled.



Citrix XenServer limitations

The following limitations apply to Citrix XenServer installations:

  • XenTools installation is not supported.
  • FortiGate-VM can be imported or deployed in only the following three formats:
  • XVA (recommended)
  • VHD l OVF
  • The XVA format comes pre-configured with default configurations for VM name, virtual CPU, memory, and virtual NIC. Other formats will require manual configuration before the first power on process.

Open source XenServer limitations

When using Linux Ubuntu version 11.10, XenServer version 4.1.0, and libvir version 0.9.2, importing issues may arise when using the QCOW2 format and existing HDA issues.

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