BGP and IPv6

BGP and IPv6

FortiGate units support IPv6 over BGP using the same config router bgp command as IPv4, but different subcommands.

The main CLI keywords have IPv6 equivalents that are identified by the “6” on the end of the keyword, such as with config network6 or set allowas-in6.

IPv6 BGP commands include:

config router bgp set activate6 {enable | disable} set allowas-in6 <max_num_AS_integer> set allowas-in-enable6 {enable | disable} set as-override6 {enable | disable} set attribute-unchanged6 [as-path] [med] [next-hop] set capability-default-originate6 {enable | disable} set capability-graceful-restart6 {enable | disable} set default-originate-route-map6 <routemap_str> set distribute-list-in6 <access-list-name_str> set distribute-list-out6 <access-list-name_str> set filter-list-in6 <aspath-list-name_str> set filter-list-out6 <aspath-list-name_str> set maximum-prefix6 <prefix_integer> set maximum-prefix-threshold6 <percentage_integer> set maximum-prefix-warning-only6 {enable | disable} set next-hop-self6 {enable | disable} set prefix-list-in6 <prefix-list-name_str> set prefix-list-out6 <prefix-list-name_str> set remove-private-as6 {enable | disable} set route-map-in6 <routemap-name_str> set route-map-out6 <routemap-name_str> set route-reflector-client6 {enable | disable} set route-server-client6 {enable | disable} set send-community6 {both | disable | extended | standard}

set soft-reconfiguration6 {enable | disable} set unsuppress-map6 <route-map-name_str> config network6 config redistribute6


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