FortiOS 6 – FortiSwitch log export

FortiSwitch log export

You can enable and disable the managed FortiSwitch units to export their syslogs to the FortiGate. The setting is global, and the default setting is enabled. Starting in FortiOS 5.6.3, more details are included in the exported FortiSwitch logs.

To allow a level of filtering, FortiGate sets the user field to “fortiswitch-syslog” for each entry.

The following is the CLI command syntax:

config switch-controller switch-log set status (*enable | disable)

set severity [emergency | alert | critical | error | warning | notification |

*information | debug] end

You can override the global log settings for a FortiSwitch, using the following commands:

config switch-controller managed-switch edit <switch-id> config switch-log set local-override enable

At this point, you can configure the log settings that apply to this specific switch.

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