Execute custom FortiSwitch commands

Execute custom FortiSwitch commands

From the FortiGate, you can execute FortiSwitch commands on the managed FortiSwitch.

This feature adds a simple scripting mechanism for users to execute generic commands on the switch.

NOTE: FortiOS 5.6.0 introduces additional capabilities related to the managed FortiSwitch.

Create a command

Use the following syntax to create a command file:

config switch-controller custom-command edit <cmd-name> set command ” <FortiSwitch commands>”

Next, create a command file to set the STP max-age parameter:

config switch-controller custom-command edit “stp-age-10” set command “config switch stp setting set max-age 10


” next


Execute a command

After you have created a command file, use the following command on the FortiGate to execute the command file on the target switch: exec switch-controller custom-command <cmd-name> <target-switch>

The following example runs the stp-age-10 command on the specified target FortiSwitch:

# exec switch-controller custom-command stp-age-10 S124DP3X15000118

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