All Time High Achieved!

We hit a total of 2942 visits yesterday! That is a record all time high for Fortinet GURU. The site is growing steadily and I am very excited about the new comments and interactions we have had as a result. Keep up the great community! I would love to help everyone that has questions!

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4 thoughts on “All Time High Achieved!

  1. Just found your site, and really appreciate the info on Fortinet. I have worked on SonicWall and Meraki, but the FortiGate is a little different.

    • You will grow to love Fortinet and wish you never touched the other stuff before it is all said and done. Only thing that comes close to it in my mind is Palo Alto but their product’s are so expensive.

  2. Not sure where to ask a question but I’ll start here. I’m upgrading a FortiAnalyzer VM on a ESX Host. It is currently on 5.4 and I want to go to 5.6. Are there any gotchas that come to mind when doing this? I have the current config backed up. Ive never done this before. Can I do the update right from the update button or do I have to go get the Firmware Image from the partner portal then change the startup file on the ESX host. Once started do I just restore the config then? Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks -James

    • I always recommend backing up the config and then following the upgrade path that is supported by Fortinet. If your VMWare environment also has a backup utility you can make a snap shot / backup of the VM so if it REALLY hits the fan you can just roll back to that.

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