DoS policies

DoS policies

DDoS attacks vary in nature and intensity. Attacks aimed at saturating the available bandwidth upstream of your service can only be countered by adding more bandwidth. DoS policies can help protect against DDoS attacks that aim to overwhelm your server resources. DoS policy recommendations

  • Use and configure DoS policies to appropriate levels based on your network traffic and topology. This will help drop traffic if an abnormal amount is received.
  • It is important to set a good threshold. The threshold defines the maximum number of sessions/packets per second of normal traffic. If the threshold is exceeded, the action is triggered. Threshold defaults are general recommendations, although your network may require very different values.
  • One way to find the correct values for your environment is to set the action to Pass and enable logging. Observe the logs and adjust the threshold values until you can determine the value at which normal traffic begins to generate attack reports. Set the threshold above this value with the margin you want. Note that the smaller the margin, the more protected your system will be from DoS attacks, but your system will also be more likely to generate false alarms.

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