New FortiGate Has Arrived!!

Pretty stoked that my new POE FortiGate has arrived. For those of you that don’t know, I’m in the process of building my dream house and I now have a new FortiGate to power the place (and the 4 APs necessary to provide it complete coverage)…..

I will finally have extra hardware again (my old 61E) etc to start pumping out videos again. Pretty stoked!

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3 thoughts on “New FortiGate Has Arrived!!

  1. What model POE FortiGate are you using?

    • I went with the FortiGate 80E POE. I have 10 drops throughout the house so the 12 POE ports will work wonders for me. Gigabit fiber through AT&T and while the 80E can’t do 1 gig throughput on IPS etc it will be strong enough for my general machines and the whitelisting of high traffic needs will remove the UTM hold back. The 12 POE ports are what sold me on it though.

  2. Nice, will those POE ports power the FortiAPs?

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