WiFi (5.6.1)

WiFi (5.6.1)

New WiFi features added to FortiOS 5.6.1.

Support for various FortiAP models (416177) (435638)

FortiAP units FAP-U321EV, FAP-U323EV, FAP-S221E, FAP-S223E, and FAP-222E are supported by FortiOS


As part of this support, new CLI attributes have been added under config wireless-controller wtpprofile to manage their profiles.

CLI syntax

config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <model> config platform set type <model>

end set ap-country <code> config radio-1 set band 802.11n

end config radio-2 set band 802.11ac




New Managed AP Groups and Dynamic VLAN Assignment (436267)

The FortiGate can create FortiAP Groups, under WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed Devices > Managed FortiAPs by selecting Create New > Managed AP Group, where multiple APs can be managed. AP grouping allows specific profile settings to be applied to many APs all at once that belong to a certain AP group, simplifying the administrative workload.

Note that each AP can only belong to one group.

In addition, VLANs can be assigned dynamically based on the group which an AP belongs. When defining an SSID, under WiFi & Switch Controlller > SSID, a setting called VLAN Pooling can be enabled where you can either assign the VLAN ID of the AP group the device is connected to, to each device as it is detected, or to always assign the same VLAN ID to a specific device. Dynamic VLAN assignment allows the same SSID to be deployed to many APs, avoiding the need to produce multiple SSIDs.

GUI support for configuring multiple pre-shared keys for SSID interfaces (406321)

Multiple pre-shared keys can be created per SSID. When creating a new SSID, enable Multiple Pre-shared Keys under WiFi Settings.


FortiAP Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Scan (438274)

The FortiGate can configure FortiAP Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scan, incorporating Google’s BLE beacon profile known as Eddystone, used to identify groups of devices and individual devices.

As part of this support, new CLI attributes have been added under config wireless-controller timers and config wireless-controller wtp-profile, including a new CLI command, config wireless-controller ble-profile.

CLI syntax – Configure BLE report intervals

config wireless-controller timers set ble-scan-report-intv – (default = 30 sec)


CLI syntax – Assign BLE profiles to WTP profiles

config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit <name> set ble-profile <name>



CLI syntax – Configure BLE profiles

config wireless-controller ble-profile edit <name> set comment <comment>

set advertising {ibeacon | eddystone-uid | eddystone-url} set ibeacon-uuid <uuid> set major-id <0 – 65535> – (default = 1000) set minor-id <0 – 65535> – (default = 1000) set eddystone-namespace <10-byte namespace> set eddystone-instance <device id> set eddystone-url <url> set txpower <0 – 12> – (default = 0) set beacon-interval <40 – 3500> – (default = 100) set ble-scanning {enable | disable} – (default = disable)



Note that txpower determines the transmit power level on a scale of 0-12:

  • 0: -21 dBm l 1: -18 dBm l 2: -15 dBm l 3: -12 dBm l 4: -9 dBm
  • 5: -6 dBm l 6: -3 dBm l 7: 0 dBm l 8: 1 dBm l 9: 2 dBm l 10: 3 dBm l 11: 4 dBm l 12: 5 dBm

WiFi client monitor page search enhanced (440709)

WiFi Cient Monitor page (Monitor > WiFi Client Monitor) now supports search function.

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