Server Load balancing (5.6)

Server Load balancing (5.6)

New load balancing features added to FortiOS 5.6.

IPv6, 6to4, and 4to6 server load balancing (280073)

Sever load balancing is supported for:

Server Load balancing (5.6)

l IPv6 VIPs (config firewall vip6) l IPv6 to IPv4 (6to4) VIPs (config firewall vip64) l IPv4 to IPv6 (4to6) VIPs (config firewall vip46)

Configuration is the same as IPv4 VIPs, except support for advanced HTTP and SSL related features is not available. IPv6 server load balancing supports all the same server types as IPv4 server load balancing (HTTP, HTTPS, IMAPS, POP3S, SMTPS, SSL, TCP, UDP, and IP). IPv4 to IPv6 and IPv6 to IPv4 server load balancing supports fewer server types (HTTP, TCP, UDP, and IP).

Improved Server load balancing GUI pages (404169)

Server load balancing GUI pages have been updated and now include more functionality and input verification.


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