FortiGate conserve mode changes (242562, 386503)

FortiGate conserve mode changes (242562, 386503)

The following changes were made to rework conserve mode and facilitate its implementation:

  • Implemented CLI commands to configure extreme, red, and green memory usage thresholds in percentages of total RAM. Memory used is the criteria for these thresholds, and set at 95% (extreme), 88% (red) and 82% (green).
  • Removed structure av_conserve_mode, other changes in kernel to obtain and set memory usage thresholds from the kernel
  • Added conserve mode diagnostic command diag hardware sysinfo conserve, which displays information about memory conserve mode.
  • Fixed conserve mode logs in the kernel
  • Added conserve mode stats to the proxy daemon through command diag sys proxy stats all | grep conserve_mode

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