Troubleshooting FortiAP shell command through CAPWAP control tunnel

FortiAP shell command through CAPWAP control tunnel

Very often, the FortiAP in the field is behind a NAT device, and access to the FortiAP through Telnet or SSH is not available. As a troubleshooting enhancement, this feature allows an AP shell command up to 127-bytes sent to

the FAP, and FAP will run this command, and return the results to the controller using the CAPWAP tunnel.

The maximum output from a command is limited to 4M, and the default output size is set to 32K.

The FortiAP will only report running results to the controller after the command is finished. If a new command is sent to the AP before the previous command is finished, the previous command will be canceled.

Enter the following:

diag w-c wlac wtpcmd wtp_ip wtp_port cmd [cmd-to-ap] cmd: run,show,showhex,clr,r&h,r&sh

  • cmd-to-ap: any shell commands, but AP will not report results until the command is finished on the AP l run: controller sends the ap-cmd to the FAP to run l show: show current results reported by the AP in text l showhex: show current results reported by the AP in hex l clr: clear reported results


Signal strength

  • r&s: run/show l r&sh: run/showhex

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