New feature catalog (5.61 and 5.6)

New feature catalog (5.61 and 5.6)

The following sections list all of the new features in FortiOS 5.6 and 5.6.1 organized alphabetically by subject area.

Getting Started (5.6.1)

New Getting Started features added to FortiOS 5.6.1.

VM License visibility improvement (423347)

VM License GUI items have changed as follows:

  • Added VM widget to Global > Dashboard. Includes the following:
  • License status and type. l CPU allocation usage. l License RAM usage. l VMX license information (if the VM supports VMX). l If the VM license specifies ‘unlimited’ the progress bar is blank.
  • If the VM is in evaluation mode, it is yellow (warning style) and the dashboard show evaluation days used.
  • Widget is shown by default in the dashboard of a FortiOS VM device. l Removed VM information from License widget at Global > Dashboard.
  • License info and Upload License button provided on page Global > System > FortiGuard.
  • Updated ‘Upload VM License’ page: l Added license RAM usage and VMX instance usage. l Replaced file input component.

CLI Syntax

config sys admin edit <name> config gui-dashboard edit <1> set name <name> config widget edit <2> set type {vminfo | …} <- new option set x-pos <2> set y-pos <1> set width <1> set height <1>




end next

Getting Started (5.6.1)


FortiView Dashboard Widget (434179)

Added a new widget type to the dashboard for top level FortiView. FortiView widgets have report-by, sort-by, visualization, timeframe properties, and filters subtable in the CLI.

Supported FortiViews include Source, Destination, Application, Country, Interfaces, Policy, Wifi Client, Traffic Shaper, Endpoint Vulnerability, Cloud User, Threats, VPN, Websites, and Admin and System Events.

Bubble, table, chord chart, and country visualizations are supported in the widget.

Widgets can be saved from a filtered FortiView page on to a dashboard.


config system admin config gui-dashboard config widget set type fortiview

set report-by {source | destination | country | intfpair | srcintf | dstintf | policy | wificlient | shaper | endpoint | application | cloud | web | threat

| system | unauth | admin | vpn} set timeframe {realtime | 5min | hour | day | week} set sort-by <string>

set visualization {table | bubble | country | chord} config filters set key <filter_key> set value <filter_value>







l report-by = Field to aggregate the data by. l timeframe = Timeframe period of reported data. l sort-by = Field to sort the data by. l visualization = Visualization to use.

Controls added to GUI CLI console (422623)

FortiOS 5.6.1 introduces new options in the browser CLI console to export the console history. Options are now available to Clear console, Download, and Copy to clipboard.

FortiExplorer icon enhancement (423838)

FortiOS icons and colors are now exportable in the GUI shared project and FortiExplorer now uses these icons and colors. This change improves the icon colors only for the FortiExplorer GUI theme (seen only when accessing (5.6)

a web GUI page from within the FortiExplorer iOS app).

The following locations were affected: Policy List, Policy Dialogue, Address List, Address Dialogue, Virtual IP list, Virtual IP Dialogue.

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