Multiple PSK for WPA Personal (393320)

Multiple PSK for WPA Personal (393320)

New CLI commands have been added, under config wireless-controller vap, to configure multiple WiFi Protected Access Pre-Shared Keys (WPA-PSKs), as PSK is more secure without all devices having to share the same PSK.

Note that mpsk-concurrent-clients and the mpsk-key configuration method are only available when mpsk is set to enable.

CLI syntax

config wireless-controller vap edit <example> set mpsk {enable|disable} set mpsk-concurrent-clients [0-65535] Default is 0.

config mpsk-key edit <key-name> set passphrase <wpa-psk> set concurrent-clients [0-65535] Default is empty. set comment <comments>




Use the mpsk-concurrent-clients entry to set the maximum number of concurrent connected clients for each mpsk entry. Use the mpsk-key configuration method to configure multiple mpsk entries.

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