Monitoring wireless clients

Monitoring wireless clients

To view connected clients on a FortiWiFi unit

  1. Go to Monitor > Client Monitor.

The following information is displayed:

SSID The SSID that the client connected to.
FortiAP The serial number of the FortiAP unit to which the client connected.
User User name
IP The IP address assigned to the wireless client.
Auth The type of authentication used.
Channel WiFi radio channel in use.
Bandwidth Tx/Rx Client received and transmitted bandwidth, in Kbps.
Signal Strength / Noise The signal-to-noise ratio in deciBels calculated from signal strength and noise level.
Signal Strength
Association Time How long the client has been connected to this access point.

Results can be filtered. Select the filter icon on the column you want to filter. Enter the values to include or select NOT if you want to exclude the specified values.

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