FortiExplorer for iOS

FortiExplorer for iOS

A new iOS FortiExplorer app is available as of April 8, 2017.

FortExplorer for iOS is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and supports configuration via REST API and display of FortiView and other security fabric components.

You can use FortiExplorer for iOS to perform most FortiOS configuration management tasks.

Advanced features will be available with the purchase of an add-on through the App Store. These paid features include the adding more than two devices and downloading firmware images from FortiCare.

With the release of FortiOS 5.6.1, FortiOS icons and colors are now exportable in the GUI shared project and FortiExplorer now uses these icons and colors. This change improves the icon colors only for the FortiExplorer GUI theme (seen only when accessing a web GUI page from within the FortiExplorer iOS app).

The images below offer a preview of a few of the new FortiExplorer iOS app’s screens.

FortiExplorer iOS, v 1.0 – Device Status                                        FortiExplorer iOS, v. 1.0 – Sources

FortiExplorer for iOS

FortiExplorer iOS, v.1.0 – Device Interfaces                                   FortiExplorer iOS, v.1.0 – Firmware

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