Configure an MCLAG with managed FortiSwitches (366617)

Configure an MCLAG with managed FortiSwitches (366617)

To configure a multichassis LAG (MCLAG) with managed FortiSwitches:

  1. For each MCLAG peer switch, log into the FortiSwitch to create a LAG:

config switch trunk edit “LAG-member” set mode lacp-active set mclag-icl enable set members “<port>” “<port>”


  1. Enable the MCLAG on each managed FortiSwitch:

config switch-controller managed-switch edit “<switch-id>” config ports edit “<trunk name>” set type trunk

set mode {static | lacp-passive | lacp-active} set bundle {enable | disable}

set members “<port>,<port>” set mclag {enable | disable}




  1. Log into each managed FortiSwitch to check the MCLAG configuration:

diagnose switch mclag

After the FortiSwitches are configured as MCLAG peer switches, any port that supports advanced features on the FortiSwitch can become a LAG port. When mclag is enabled and the LAG port names match, an MCLAG peer set is automatically formed. The member ports for each FortiSwitch in the MCLAG do not need to be identical to the member ports on the peer FortiSwitch.

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