FortiSIEM Sending Email and SMS Notifications for Incidents

Sending Email and SMS Notifications for Incidents

When you set actions for an incident notification, one option is to send an email or SMS message to groups or individuals, and you also have an option to specify a template that should be used in the email.



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Make sure the email gateway has been configured for your deployment.

You should also have set up any email templates that you want to use for notifications.


  1. Log in to your Supervisor node.
  2. Go to Analytics > Incident Notification Policy.
  3. Select the policy that you want to set up the email or SMS notification for.
  4. Under Actions, next to the email/sms notification table, click .
  5. For multi-tenant deployments, select the Organization that contains the individuals or groups you want notified.

Under Folders, you will see the user groups for that organization listed.

  1. In the Folders pane, select a group.

In the Items pane, you will see a list of users for that group.

  1. Select a group and click Folder >> to add a group to the Notification Actions list, or select individual users and click Items >>.
  2. Under Notification Actions, select the Method, Email or SMS, that you want to use sending the notification.
  3. Select an Email Template if you are sending an email notification. If you leave this blank, the default email template will be used.

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Customizing Email Templates for Notifications

Email templates for incident notifications are based on incident variables that you put into the subject and body of the template, which are then populated with the actual attribute values in the incident.

Incident Attribute Variables

Example Email Template


Generated Email

Creating an Email Template

Incident Attribute Variables

These are the incident attribute variables you can use for your email template.

















Example Email Template

This example first shows a template with the incident attribute variables, and then an email based on this template with the variables populated from an incident.


Email Subject:

$ruleName was triggered at $incidentTime

Email Body:

The host, $incident_target, was being scanned by $incident_source starting at $firstSeenTime and ending at $lastSeenTime. There were $incident_incidentCount hits.

Please investigate and report as necessary.

Generated Email

Subject: Server Memory Warning was triggered at Jan 10 22:43 UTC

Body: The host, Host IP: Host Name: QA-V-WIN03-ORCL, was being scanned by starting at Jan 10 22:05 UTC and ending at Jan 10 22:11 UTC. There were 2 hits.

Please investigate and report as necessary.

Creating an Email Template

  1. Log in to your Supervisor node.
  2. Go to Admin > General Settings > Incident Email Templates.
  3. Click Add.
  4. For multi-tenant deployments, select the organization for which you are creating the email template.
  5. Enter a Name for the template.
  6. Enter the Email Subject and Email Body.

You can select attribute variables from the Insert Content menu to enter into your template, rather than having to type them out by hand.


  1. Click OK.

be used. To set an email template as default, select the template in the list on the Incident Email Templates page, and then click Set as Default. For multi-tenant deployments, to select a template as default for an organization, first select the organization, then set the default email template for that organization.





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