FortiSIEM Real Time Performance Probe

Real Time Performance Probe

This section describes how to probe monitored devices for real time performance metrics.

Available metrics

GUI launch locations

Running a real time probe

Example – Real time Interface Statistics Display

Available metrics

CPU utilization

Memory utilization

Network interface statistics


Disk utilization

SNMP Ping Statistics

Process Utilization

GUI launch locations

Real time Performance Metrics option is available from the following GUI locations

CMDB > Device > IP Address > Right click

CMDB > Device > Interfaces > Name > Right click

Incident > Incident Source and Incident Target > Right click

Running a real time probe

From any of the above locations, select Real Time Performance Metrics

Select the parameters

Select Job Name as the metric of interest

Select polling Frequency in seconds

Select the number of Runs as the number of times the device will be polled

Select the Collector which should communicate to the device

Depending on the job name, you may also need to select a Filter. For example, select Interface Name for Network Interface Statistics.

Example – Real time Interface Statistics Display



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