FortiSIEM Network Flow Monitoring Events

Network Flow Monitoring Events

Network Flow Events

These events are generated from Cisco Netflow and SFlow.

Event Type: IOS-NETFLOW-BI (BI standing for bidirecational: two unidirectional netflow messages are combined into one), SFLOW-BI

Description: Event containing netflow data Source: Cisco IOS (Netflow) Key Attributes:

Name Id Type Description
Event Type eventType string Event type set to IOS-NETFLOW-BI, SFLOW-BI
Event Severity eventSeverity uint16 Set to 1. In general, a number between 0 (lowest severity) and 10 (highest severity)
Event Severity


eventSeverityCat string Set to Low. IN general, takes the values Low, Medium and High. Event Severities 0-4 are mapped to Low, 5-8 are mapped to Medium and 9-10 are mapped to High
Event Receive


phRecvTime Date Time at which AccelOps generated this event (after receiving netflow)
Reporting IP reptDevIpAddr Date IP address of device reporting this event. In this case set to the device reporting the utilization (same as Host name attribute)
Relaying IP relayDevIpAddr Date IP address of device relaying this event from the source to AccelOps. In general it could be a syslog-ng IP address but in this, since AccelOps talks to the device directly, Relaying IP is set to AccelOps IP Address.
Source IP srcIpAddr IP Source IP address of the flow
Dest IP destIpAddr IP Destination IP address of the flow
IP Protocol ipProto uint16 IP protocol e.g. TCP/UDP/GRE/ICMP etc
Source TCP/UDP


srcIpPort uint16 Source TCP/UDP port


destIpPort uint16 Destination TCP/UDP port
ICMP Type icmpType uint16 ICMP type
ICMP Code icmpCode uint16 ICMP code
IP Type of Service tos uchar IP Type of Service
Sent TCP flags srcDestTCPFlags uchar OR-ed TCP Flags from Source to Destination
Received TCP


destSrcTCPFlags uchar OR-ed TCP Flags from Destination to Source
Source Intf SNMP


srcSnmpIntfIndex uint16 Source SNMP interface index
Source Interface


srcIntfName string Source Interface name
Dest Intf SNMP


destSnmpIntfIndex uint16 Destination SNMP interface index

Interface Name

destIntfName string Destination Interface name


System Number

srcASNum uint16 Source Autonomous number
Dest Autonomous

System Number

destASNum uint16 Destination Autonomous number
Sent Bytes sentBytes uint32 Sent Bytes in this flow
Sent Packets sentPkts uint32 Sent Packets in this flow
Received Bytes recvBytes uint32 Received Bytes in this flow
Received Packets recvPkts uint32 received Packets in this flow

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