FortiSIEM Installing and Configuring Tableau Server

Installing and Configuring Tableau Server







Before you begin installing Tableau Server, make sure you have read the section on Tableau Server in Requirements for Visual Analytics Report Server. This contains information on the Administrator Account and Ports that you will need during the configuration process. You may want to also consult the Tableau Server Administration Guide before you begin the installation process.

  1. Download the installation file from Tableau Software.
  2. Double-click the installation file to launch the Setup Wizard.
  3. When the Setup Wizard launches, click Next to begin the installation process.
  4. Enter a Destination Location where you want to install the server files, and then click Next.
  5. When the system verification process completes, click Next.
  6. Enter a location for the Start Menu folder, or use the default location, and then click Next.
  7. Click Install to complete the installation process.
  8. Click Next to begin the server activation process.
  1. If you are evaluating Tableau Server, click Start trial now. Otherwise, click Activate the product to enter a license key.
  2. If you enter a license key, click Activate.
  3. Click Continue to launch the Tableau Server configuration process.
  1. In the Configuration dialog, enter a User Name and Password for the domain admin account that you will use to administer the Tableau Server.
  2. If necessary, enter a Gateway port through which you will connect to the server over HTTP.
  3. Click OK.

The initialization process will launch and complete within several minutes.

  1. Click Finish to complete the configuration process.
  2. Launch the Tableau Server user interface by entering the URI for the server in a browser window.

The URI will be be in the format of http://<Windows_Server_IP_Address>:<Port_Number_Used_In_Step_2> 6.  Sign in to the server by entering the credentials for the domain admin account that you created in Step 1, and then click Sign In.

  1. Click the Admin tab and select Maintenance.
  2. Under Status, check to make sure that all systems are up and running.

You are now ready to install Tableau Desktop. After you have completed the Desktop installation process and connect to Report Server for the first time to create a sheet, as described in Creating a Single Sheet Workbook, you will also establish the connection between AccelOps Report Server and Tableau Server.



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4 thoughts on “FortiSIEM Installing and Configuring Tableau Server

  1. Your install steps will cause all tableau server instances needing a reinstall.

    Installing on the c drive is not a best practice. Best practice would never be to install a BI app on your C drive, similar to any application would not be installed on the C drive.

    This causes a competition for resources and the operating system should not compete with BI environments.

    Also it’s good to throw in that it’s bad to install tableau server on the same box as a database.

    • I agree, what I have listed is what AccellOps / FortiSIEM documentation states though 🙁

      • Understandable, these are best practices I learned while I working at Tableau Software and installing 50+ week-long server install onsite and remote.

        Hopefully, anyone swinging through googling for insights will also catch this! I’ve learned it’s best to set expectations of what will happen if you don’t install on C – because at least they won’t have to break an install to figure out that program data is still on the C drive.

        I’d love to be able to write some guest content on your forum. Let me know if you need any extra content – I’ve worked 100+ Tableau Services engagement and wrote a lot of the internal WIKI for the company.

        Thanks for approving my comment, excited to read more of your posts in the future.

        • The forums are open. You are more than welcome to write any content you feel is beneficial to the audience! If you have already signed up just let me know your username and I will approve the registration!

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