FortiSIEM Get the List of Monitored Organizations

Get the List of Monitored Organizations

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API Parameters

Sample XML Output

Sample Code

Applies To

Multitenant deployments

API Parameters
Methodology REST API based: make an HTTP(S) request with an input XML (optional). An output XML is returned.
Input URL https:///phoenix/rest/config/Domain
Input Credentials  Username and password of Super account
Output  An XML that contains Organization id, Organization name, Status, Included and Excluded IP range

Sample XML Output

Sample Code

This sample python script takes the Super credentials as arguments and writes out the parsed XML output file in a comma separated value (CSV) format on the screen. The output can be redirected to a file if needed.

mapping={‘name’:”, ‘domainId’:”, ‘disabled’:”, ‘initialized’:”, ‘include’:”, ‘exclude’:”}             for node2 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“domainId”):                for node3 in node2.childNodes:                   if node3.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                      mapping[‘domainId’]                for node4 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“excludeRange”):                   for node5 in node4.childNodes:                      if node5.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                         mapping[‘exclude’]                for node6 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“includeRange”):                   for node7 in node6.childNodes:                      if node7.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                         mapping[‘include’]                for node8 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“name”):                   for node9 in node8.childNodes:                      if node9.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                         mapping[‘name’]                for node10 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“disabled”):                   for node11 in node10.childNodes:                      if node11.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                         mapping[‘disabled’]                for node12 in node1.getElementsByTagName(“initialized”):                   for node13 in node12.childNodes:                      if node13.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE:                         mapping[‘initialized’]                param.append(mapping)    return param def generateResult(param):    print “Org Name,Org Id,Disabled,Initialized,Include Range,Exclude Range\n\n”    for item in param:

print “%s,%s,%s,%s,%s,%s\n” % (item[‘name’], item[‘domainId’], item[‘disabled’], item[‘initialized’], item[‘include’], item[‘exclude’]) if __name__==’__main__’:

import sys    if len(sys.argv)!=4:

print “Usage: appServer user password”       exit()

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