FortiSIEM Disk space Monitoring

Disk space Monitoring


Description: Event containing disk utilization metrics Source:

Microsoft Windows (SNMP or WMI), Linux (SNMP), Solaris (SNMP), HP-UX (SNMP), IBM AIX (SNMP) NetApp DataONTAP (SNMP)

Key Attributes:

Reporting IP reptDevIpAddr Date IP address of device reporting this event. In this case set to the device reporting the utilization (same as

Host name attribute)

Relaying IP relayDevIpAddr Date IP address of device relaying this event from the source to AccelOps. In general it could be a syslog-ng IP address but in this, since AccelOps talks to the device directly, Relaying IP is set to AccelOps IP Address.
Raw Event


rawEventMsg string Raw event containing all attributes in comma separated “[Attribute] = value” format.
Host name hostName string Host name (as in AccelOps CMDB) of the device whose disk utilization is being reported
Host IP


hostIpAddr IP Access IP (as in AccelOps CMDB) of the device whose disk utilization is being reported
Disk Name diskName string Disk name

Capacity Util

diskUtil double Disk utilization for a specific disk name (between 0-100).
Free Disk


freeDiskMB uint32 Size of free disk available in MBytes
Total Disk


totalDiskMB uint32 Size of total disk in MBytes
Used Disk


usedDiskMB uint32 Size of used disk in MBytes
Poll Interval pollIntv uint32 Polling interval in seconds.

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