FortiSIEM Disk Growth Trend – Weekly

Disk Growth Trend – Weekly


Description: Event containing disk usage growth trend – weekly view Source:

Microsoft Windows (SNMP or WMI), Linux (SNMP), Solaris (SNMP), HP-UX (SNMP), IBM AIX (SNMP) NetApp DataONTAP (SNMP)

Key Attributes:

Name Id Type Description
Event Type eventType string Event type set to PH_DEV_MON_SYS_DISK_TREND_DAY
Event Severity eventSeverity uint16 Set to 1. In general, a number between 0 (lowest severity) and 10 (highest severity)
Event Severity


eventSeverityCat string Set to Low. IN general, takes the values Low, Medium and High. Event Severities 0-4 are mapped to Low, 5-8 are mapped to Medium and 9-10 are mapped to High
Event Receive


phRecvTime Date Time at which AccelOps generated this event
Reporting IP reptDevIpAddr Date IP address of device reporting this event. In this case set to the device reporting the utilization (same as Host name attribute)
Relaying IP relayDevIpAddr Date IP address of device relaying this event from the source to AccelOps. In general it could be a syslog-ng IP address but in this, since AccelOps talks to the device directly, Relaying IP is set to AccelOps IP Address.
Raw Event Log rawEventMsg string Raw event containing all attributes in comma separated “[Attribute] = value” format.
Host name hostName string Host name (as in AccelOps CMDB) of the device whose disk utilization is being reported
Host IP


hostIpAddr IP Access IP (as in AccelOps CMDB) of the device whose disk utilization is being reported
Disk Name diskName string Disk name

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