FortiSIEM Creating Dashboard Slideshow

Creating Dashboard Slideshow




Exporting and Importing Dashboards

It is possible to export and then import the following types of widget dashboards

My Dashboard

Availability/Performance > Avail/Perf Widgets

Biz Svc Dashboard

Dashboards By Function

To export a dashboard

Go to a specific dashboard folder Click Export on top right portion An XML file will be created and saved.

To import a dashboard, first have the XML file ready

Go to a specific dashboard folder

Click Import on top right portion

Provide the dashboard file in XML format


Link Usage Dashboard

For perimeter network devices such as firewalls and routers, it is important to know which interfaces are busy and which traffic is consuming the most resources. This special dashboard provides this view and enables users to determine which router interfaces are overly utilized, which applications are using them and what is the QoS statistics.




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