Migrating KVM-based deployments

Migrating KVM-based deployments

This section covers migrating FortiSIEM KVM based Virtual Appliances from 3.7.x to 4.2.1. Since FortiSIEM 4.2.1 has new CentOS version, the procedure is unlike a regular upgrade (say from 3.7.5 to 3.7.6) – certain special procedures have to be followed.

Very broadly, 3.7.6 CMDB have to be first migrated to a 4.2.1 CMDB on a 3.7.6 based system and then the migrated 4.2.1 CMDB has to be imported to a 4.2.1 system.

There are 4 choices based on

NFS or a single Virtual appliance based deployment

In-place or Staging or rsync based method is chosen for data migration

The various methods are explained later, but stated simply

Staging approach take more hardware but minimizes downtime and CMDB migration risk compared to the in-place approach rsync method takes longer to finish as event database has to be copied

If in-place method is to be deployed, then a snapshot method is highly recommended for recovery purposes.


Note: Internet access is needed for migration to succeed. A third party library needs to access the schema website.

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