How Devices are Added to Organizations

How Devices are Added to Organizations

When you initiate device discovery for organizations, the way in which those devices are added to organizations depends on whether you are using Collectors in your deployment.

For organizations with Collectors, discovery is carried out by the Collector, and the Collector assigns devices to the organization with which it is associated. If organizations have an overlapping IP range, deploying Collectors and assigning them to a specific IP range and organization will ensure that the device is added to the correct organization.

For organizations without Collectors, discovery is carried out by the Supervisor. In this case, the Include/Exclude IP Range you defined when you set up the organization is used to add the device to the organization.

If a device matches only one defined organization IP Range, then it is assigned to that organization

If a device matches multiple defined IP Ranges, then it is assigned to the Super organization

You can change a device’s assigned organization manually, and FortiSIEM will automatically update the Include/Exclude IP Range for that organization. This updated IP range definition will then be used in the next discovery process. However, this may create confusing IP range definitions for the organization, so you may want to re-define the organization’s IP range and rediscover devices.

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