FortiSIEM Using Virtual IPs to Access Devices in Clustered Environments

Using Virtual IPs to Access Devices in Clustered Environments

AccelOps communicates to devices and applications using multiple protocols. In many instances, access credentials for discovery protocols such as SNMP and WMI will need to be associated to the real IP address (assigned to a network interface) of the device, while application performance or synthetic transaction monitoring protocols (such as JDBC) will need the Virtual IP (VIP) assigned to the cluster. Since AccelOps uses a single access IP to communicate to a device, you need to create an address translation for the Virtual IPs.

  1. Log into your AccelOps virtual appliance as root.
  2. Update the mapping in your IP table to map the IP address used in setting up your access credentials to the virtual IP.

As an example, suppose an Oracle database server is running on a server with a network address of, which is in a cluster with a VIP of The port used to communicate with Oracle over JDBC is 1521. In this case, the update command would be:

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