FortiWAN WAN Status Report

WAN Status

FortiWAN supports various numbers of WAN links, for example, FortiWAN 700 supports 25 WAN links, FortiWAN 5000 and FortiWAN 6000 support 50 WAN links. The WAN Status report shows the statuses on every FortiWAN’s WAN link. The various statuses are defined as below.

  • OK: WAN link is enabled, configured and connected physically. l Fail: WAN link is enabled and configured, but disconnected. l Disable: WAN link is not enabled from FortiWAN Web UI.

Create a report for a specific day or over a range of dates (See “Create a Report”).

Export reports and send reports through email (See “Export and Email”). Statistics Table

  • Lists the statuses of every WAN link by the date range defined. l Time: Time periods or dates if a date range is defined. l WAN: The WAN link. l Status: The status happened on the WAN link at the time.

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