FortiWAN Scheduled Emails

Scheduled Emails

You may have get some report emails scheduled (see Report Email). Go to Reports > Settings > Scheduled Emails, then you can edit or delete the schedules.

Email The scheduled report email. You can see the information of the email:
l Period: Daily, weekly or monthly.
l Reports: The report categories included in the email.
l Recipients: Email addresses of report email recipients
l Format: Format that the reports are attached in, PDF or CSV.
Action Edit or Delete the report email.

Edit a scheduled report email

Recipients Edit the email address of report email recipients.
Format Select the format that the reports are attached in: PDF or CSV.
Schedule Select the period for automatic email sending: Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
Reports Delete report categories from the report email. The only way to add report categories to a scheduled report email is the “Add to existing” function on every report page (see Report Email).
Save Click to save the changes.

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