FortiWAN LOG View


View has a sub-menu of 13 log types (see the table below). Choose the desired log type, and its corresponding events will show in display window. Click the Refresh button to get the latest log records. Please be aware that this page is only for online viewing of current events. For log data pushing and archiving, see the Control in next section.

Log Type : Choose log type to view its events in display window. The log types are:
l System Log
    l Firewall Log
    l NAT Log
    l Auto & Persistent Routing Log
    l Virtual Server Log
    l BM Log
    l Connection Limit Log
    l Cache Redirect Log
    l Multihoming Log
    l Backup Line Log
    l Dynamic IP Log
    l IP-MAC Mapping Log
    l Tunnel Routing Log
    l IPSec Log
Recent Event : Log events listed in time order.
Refresh : Refresh to get the latest log events.
Clear : Clean up log records.

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