FortiWAN Log Control

Log Control

Control sets to forward data from FortiWAN to servers via FTP, E-mail and Syslog (protocol) for archiving and analysis. Configure log push method one log type by another, or use “Copy Settings to All Other Log Types”. It copies and applies settings of one log type to others avoiding unnecessary duplicating of settings.

Log Type : Select log type to be forwarded to servers.

l  System Log l Firewall Log l NAT Log

l  Auto & Persistent Routing Log l Virtual Server Log l BM Log (Bandwidth Management) l Connection Limit Log l Cache Redirect Log l Multihoming Log l Backup Line Log l Dynamic IP Log l IP-MAC Mapping Log l Tunnel Routing Log l IPSec

Copy Settings to All Other Log Types : Copy and apply settings of a log type to other ones.
Method : E-Mail, FTP and Syslog
Push Now : Click this button and logs are pushed immediately.
Push Log When Out of Space : Check Enable to avoid losing data in case of space shortage.


Enable Scheduled Push    :   Check to enable pushing schedule.

Initial Time    :   Start time for scheduled push.

Period    :    Duration for scheduled push.


FortiWAN transfer logs with FTP, Email and Syslog. It either forwards logs to external FTP server, administrator’s mail account via SMTP or a remote syslog servers.


Server : FTP Server’s IP or domain name
Account : FTP user account
Password : FTP user password


: FTP server path
SMTP Server : SMTP server for logging
Account : Authenticated account for mail server
Password : Authenticated password for mail server
Mail From : Sender
Mail To


: Receiver(s). Separate receivers with “,” or “.”.
Server : IP address of remote syslog server.
Facility : Assign a facility to the logging message to specify the program type.

Note: If the Server is applied with a FQDN, then the DNS Server must be set in the Web UI [System]->[Network Settings]->[DNS Server] (See “Set DNS server for FortiWAN”).

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