FortiWAN DHCP Lease Information

DHCP Lease Information

It shows data DHCP lease assigns, i.e. lease IP and MAC address, client-hostname, and expiration time. Once option of DHCP server is selected, a list regarding all existing DHCP servers in the network will display. Option Automatic Refresh sets the time interval to regularly update DHCP servers.

DHCP Server : Displays the DHCP server and IP range to be assigned.
Automatic Refresh : The time interval after which the table of DHCP leases information is updated.
Lease IP : WAN connected by either PPPoE or DHCP.
IP Address : Shows the IPv4 address assigned to the client’s machine.
MAC Address : Shows the MAC address of the client’s machine.
Client-Hostname : Shows the name of the client machine.
Expiration Time : Shows the time period when the IP address is valid.
DHCPv6 Server : Displays DHCPv6 server and range of IPv6 addresses which can be assigned.
Lease IP : Shows the IPv6 address assigned to client’s machine.
Client ID : Shows the ID assigned to the lease IPv6 address.
Expire Time : Shows the time period during which the IPv6 address is valid.

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