FortiWAN Database Data Utility

Database Data Utility

FortiWAN’s Reports keeps report data in the built-in hard disk (HDD) for long-term analysis and reports. As the data increases, disk storage consumption increases. The DB data utility provides functions to manage FortiWAN Reports database:

l Backup: Backup report data for migration. l Delete: Delete report data to release disk space. l Restore: Restore backup data to Reports’ database.

The DB data utility is a Web-based management tool providing limited features very similar to the Reports database tool.

Go to Reports > Settings > DB Data Utility, an operation panel with tabs Backup, Restore and Delete is shown.


This feature allows you a database backup for a single day. For having backups of a couple of days, you will need to either perform the backups individually (day by day) or install a Reports Database tool on your local computer to perform a single database backup for a couple of days.

To backup report data of a single date, click the Backup tab on the panel and simply follow the steps:

  1. Click the Date field to open the calender and specify a date for backup.
  2. Click the Backup button to start data backup procedure. The backup file will be named in form Default_ by default, such as This backup file will be required when you are restoring it back to FortiWAN.


To restore a data backup to Reports, click the Restore tab on the panel and simply follow the steps:

  1. Click the filed Select the data file to restore to select a backup file (.data file) for restoring.
  2. Click the Restore button to start data restore procedure.

Note that it is not allowed to backup or restore report data of the current date (today) since FortiWAN Reports is receiving and processing the data for today. The operations are available for data before today.

Note that both the Web-based database data utility and the Reports database tool use the common backup file format (.data), which implies that a backup file (.data), whether is generated by the Web-based database data utility or the Reports database tool, can be restored back to Reports database in both the ways.


To delete report data from the database, click the Delete tab on the panel and simply follow the steps:

  1. Click the From date field to open the calender and specify the start date for deleting.
  2. Click the To date field to open the calender and specify the end date for deleting.
  3. Click the Delete button to delete the report data of the specified period.


A: Default Values

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