FortiSIEM Supervisors, Workers, Collectors, and Organizations

Supervisors, Workers, Collectors, and Organizations

An FortiSIEM deployment can be configured using either a single virtual appliance, or with multiple virtual appliances that play different roles within the deployment. The Supervisor virtual appliance is the primary component in both standalone and cluster deployments, and all deployments begin with the set up and configuration of the Supervisor. As described in Supervisor and Worker Cluster Deployment for

Enterprises, there may be situations in which the single appliance cannot monitor all the data and devices in your infrastructure, and so you can deploy Worker virtual appliances to take up the extra load. Finally, you may encounter situations in which you need to deploy Collectors  for the purpose of gathering data that will be processed by Supervisors and Workers. As described in Supervisor with Collectors Deployment for Enterprises and Supervisor and Worker Cluster Deployment for Multi-Tenancy, these are most likely situations where you need to monitor IT infrastructure for different sites, as in the case of a large or distributed enterprise, or for different organizations, as in the case of multi-tenant installations for Managed Service providers (MSPs). For these situations each Organization is defined separately within FortiSIEM, so you can tailor your monitoring, analytics, and reports to meet the specific needs of that organization.


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